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The D.A.R.E. program is designed to help children boost their self-esteem, help to respect others, learn to "Say No" to drug and other negatives and to "Say Yes" to the positive alternatives in the world. More...

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School Resource Officer

  • The School Resource Officer has an office in Dexter High School.
  • The School Resource Officer has five buildings on campus in which he is responsible for.
  • Southeast Elementary, Central Elementary, T.S. Hill Middle School, The Alternative School, and the Dexter High School
  • The Dexter School Resource Officer is SRO Kevin Moore
  • The School Resource Officer protects and serves approximately 2,100 students who attend the Dexter Public Schools.

History of the School Resource Officer

The first School Resource Officer program started in the late 1950's in Flint, Michigan. Its overall goal was to improve the relationship between the local police and youth.

The program was determined to be a huge success and Flint, Michigan became a model for future school resource officer programs across the country. Positive evaluations have kept the program in place for over 40 years.

What is the School Resource Officer?

  • The SRO acts as a visible, active Law Enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law-related issues.
  • The SRO acts as a classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law-related education, D.A.R.E. program, safety programs, etc.
  • The SRO acts as a resource to teachers, parents, and students for conferences on an individual basis, dealing with individual problems, or questions.
  • The SRO acts as a counseling resource in areas that may affect the educational environment but may be of a law-related nature.
  • The SRO is considered to have the TRIAD concept which is the role as a: Teacher/Counselor/Law Enforcement Officer.

Goals of the School Resource Officer Program

  • To bridge the gap between police officers and young people, and increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement.
  • To take a personal interest in students and their activities.
  • Teach the value of our legal system to the students


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