Below are various Dexter PD forms that are available to the public. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the forms. Once downloaded to your computer, simply print and complete the form. All forms can be turned in at the Dexter Police Department. 
Incident Statement Form
This statement form is a key tool used by the Dexter Police Department. This form is to be filled out by witnesses, complaining parties, and other individuals that may have information in relation to a criminal case. If an Officer requests that you fill out a "Statement Form", this is the form you will need.
The statement form needs to be completed in it's entirety. It must also be signed to be valid. 

Ride-A-Long Form
It's not well known, but citizens can ride with the Dexter Officers while they patrol the streets of Dexter. There are strict guidelines on the Ride-A-Long program in order to insure the safety of the rider, as well as the safety of the host Officer. The following form should be printed and returned to the Dexter Police Department. All Ride-A-Long forms must be reviewed and approved by the Chief Of Police. Once approved, you will be allowed to ride with an Officer as long as you adhere to the guidelines of the program. 

Dexter Police Department
305 Cooper St., Dexter, Mo 63841
Phone: 573-624-5512
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